Syndeo Plug and Play Series LED Tape, 120 LEDs 9.6w p/m LED Tape, Very Warm White 2700K IP20 , 5 Metre Reel, 12V


The Syndeo 5 metre reels of LED Tape come with two 500mm Orange 12V Syndeo Plug and Play Cables and two 10mm wide solderless tape to wire connectors, as well as a 3M self-adhesive backing on the tape, which makes fixing into channel quick and hassle free.

There is no complicated soldering or wiring involved, simply connect the cable using the provided solderless tape to wire adapter, plug in to a Syndeo Plug and Play Driver and go.

This robust yet easy to install tape can be cut to length at any of the allocated cut points and can be extended if required. The provided cables and connection adapters ensure you can use two runs from one 5 metre reel with a compatible Syndeo multiport driver, minimising waste.

If there is a requirement for the strip tape to be cut into several sections we offer additional Syndeo plug & play cabling and connection adapters.

Maximum runs of up to 5 linear metres can be achieved with this tape before visible voltage drops occur.

Syndeo plug and Play LED Strips use a more efficient 2835 chip, producing more lumens per watt and therfore requiring less power to achieve a brighter finish.

Dimming Compatibility

  • Compatible with dimmers using standard control protocols including DMX, Dali, 0-10V, PWM.
  • Compatible with smarthome dimmers including those from Lutron, Loxone, Rayco, Control 4, Lightwave, Wizz, Casambi, Crestron.

All products should be installed by a technically competent person in accordance with BS7671 and all other local regulations.

Watts per Metre Colour Application Voltage Tape Width LEDs Per Metre Length Features Water Resistance Range
6-10W Very Warm White (2700K) Plug and Play 12V 8mm 120 5 Metre Reel High Brightness IP20 Syndeo Plug and Play Series

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