Advance Toning Series LED Tape , RGB Colour Changing, 11w p/m, 120LEDs p/m, 5 Metre Reel, IP67, 24V


RGB colour toning LED tape for advanced professional and specialist high end applications. With 120 LEDs per metre, this LED tape is designed to lessen spotting when housed in deeper LED profiles and spaces where the individual LEDs won't be directly visible. Ideal for long term accent and display lighting installations.

Featuring robust construction for a reliable long-term solution and a 5-year guarantee to ensure reliability on your next installation.

Complete with a 500mm 4 core cable attached at each end of the tape and a superior 3M backing for easy installation into LED channels

Maximum runs of up to 5 linear metres can be achieved with this tape before visible voltage drops occur.

The IP67 rating of this tape makes it ideal for installations where light water exposure may occur.

Dimming Compatibility

  • Compatible with dimmers using standard control protocols including DMX, Dali, 0-10V, PWM.
  • Compatible with smarthome dimmers including those from Lutron, Loxone, Rayco, Control 4, Lightwave, Wizz, Casambi, Crestron.
Range Colour Voltage Watts per Metre LEDs Per Metre Cut points Tape Width Water Resistance Length Guarantee
RGB Advance Toning Series RGB 24V 11-15W 120 50mm 10mm IP67 5 Metre Reel 5 Years

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