Small Corner Aluminium Channel 1616

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Small Corner Channel can be used for many applications but is especially useful for placing on 90º edges around kitchens, bathrooms, showrooms and more.

These Corner Aluminium Channels are designed to house and protect our LED strips. They can be easily install into tight corners as well as preventing secondary refraction from reflective surfaces. They also work as a heat sink for them as well, which in turn will increase the LEDs lifetime as well as slowing down any brightness degradation over time.

Each channel is available with a choice of either frosted or semi-transparent diffusers which help to diffuse the light from each LED in a uniform pattern and also work to prevent any glare or secondary refraction from occurring.

These channels are ideal for creating sleek and bespoke LED strip lighting installations.

Depth Width Water Resistance Max Tape Width Material
Standard Standard for <12mm Tapes IP20 Non Waterproof 10mm Anodised Aluminium

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